Occupy Wall Street and Bernie Sanders helped reintroduce socialism to an American audience after the Cold War, but there’s still a lot of confusion as to what exactly ‘democratic socialism’ means. I’m Scott Remer, and I’m a master’s student in political thought and intellectual history at the University of Cambridge; I studied ethics, politics, and economics at Yale for my undergraduate degree. My goal for this blog is to explain democratic socialism and its relevance for the USA and our world simply and clearly, to as broad of an audience as possible. I’ll be covering history, economics, politics, and philosophy, with a special focus on the United States, and I’ll be basing many of my posts on the manuscript of a book I’ve written (and am hoping to get published) on democratic socialism. I will try to dispel the many myths and misconceptions about democratic socialism that Americans have been exposed to over the years. Great ideas like democratic socialism aren’t difficult to understand. If we want to fix our crisis-ridden world, stave off the worst of global warming, eliminate obscene inequality, prevent economic collapse, and create societies truly worth living in, democratic socialism is the way to go.